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C3 Hoodie – Dam

1 000 kr

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Slut i lager

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Comfortable and versatile hoodie made from a technical microfleece. A "go-to" top - can be worn either as a middle layer for training on the coldest days, before and after exercise, or just as a favourite top for everyday use. The tight-fitting hood provides extra warmth. Lightweight and quick-drying? Recommended for outdoor activities, training and everyday
  • OekoTex certified C3 fabric, produced in Italy
  • Technical microfleece with a "grid" structure on the inner surface for optimal insulation
  • Fitted hood for protection from the winter cold
  • Comfortable in a wide range of temperatures
  • Made in Europe at the Fusion Factory
Material: Knitted fleece. 91% polyester, 9% elastane Temperature: -5 to 15 degrees